Take and Eat

Back when I was doing my hand study paintings, I bought and downloaded a bunch of inspiration photos to use. One of them was this great image of hands holding out bread that perfectly illustrated the “take and eat” verses. But I’ve been staring at it for over a year because I’ve been intimidated by how detailed and monotone it is.

Pastor’s midweek Lent series this year is on “the Hands of the Passion,” and the first one after Ash Wednesday was on Judas and the Hands of Betrayal. Pastor spent a bit of time on the Last Supper, and the words from those verses brought this image to mind again. It’s been stuck in my head the last two weeks.

I finally sketched it out. Now I just need the courage to apply paint to paper. It will look fantastic if it comes out the way I imagine it. I hope it does.

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