Take and Eat

Back when I was doing my hand study paintings, I bought and downloaded a bunch of inspiration photos to use. One of them was this great image of hands holding out bread that perfectly illustrated the “take and eat” verses. But I’ve been staring at it for over a year because I’ve been intimidated by [...]

Hand Study, Part 3

These are the final two images in my hand study paintings. In the first one, the original inspiration photo has a very dark background, but that didn't really work for this painting series. I probably could have made the shadows a bit darker in the cupped hands and on the arm around the light, but [...]

Hand Study, Part 2

The second painting in my hand study was a redo of the painting from my Bible journal. In 2019, during a Lent Bible study, I had painted this in my art Bible while we contemplated the story of the woman who poured expensive perfume on Jesus' head. Some of the disciples rebuked her for wasting [...]

Hand Study, Part 1

I mentioned in my last post that I tackled a study of hands. I don't know why I was so fascinated by this project. I just found it soothing to play with and layer the colors, and like magic, the skin tones worked out. The first one was probably the easiest to come up with. [...]

Heart Hands

Last year, Let's Make Art asked for user submissions for outlines for their subscription boxes. They narrowed it down to a few, and fans selected the winner. I think that's how it went. In any case, the outline for the Heart Hands tutorial was the user submission. It was one of the most challenging tutorials [...]