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A Coat of Monchromatic Colors

Most people called their moms for Mother’s Day. My mom lives with me, so after church, we gave her the card and tool set we bought her. Then I proceeded to tear apart my dining room. What I want to know is how in the world did the inside of the china cabinet get so […]

Temperature Blanket April Update!

Okay, I’m a week late. I really fell off the wagon in April and had to scramble to make about 25 squares. Oops. Then once I had them made, I sat on them for a few more days before I finally pieced them together. Hmm. We finally had our first 90F day in May while […]

Saturday Garden Update – May 8, 2021

I think I’m finally done building my Spring garden. This week we added five peppers, two melons, two hibiscus, and a half dozen herbs. Oh. My chard never came up, or I didn’t plant it and thought I did, so I do need to reseed that. So I guess I’m not completely done. We do […]

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