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2021 Temperature Blanket

We all thought 2020 was weird. 2021 seems to be giving it a run for its money. I’ve seen temperature blankets before, but I haven’t been a fan. Most of them are just rows of a single color, and they span the rainbow. I don’t love the look, and it doesn’t coordinate with any room […]

Garden Devastation

We reached 74F yesterday. I started pulling covers off my plants after this week’s winter storm. I might have cried a little. The bougainvillea I so lovingly kept green all winter has succumbed to the bitter cold. I think it will survive, though. Time will tell. The society garlic is no longer social. But there […]

Snowpocalypse 2021, Part One

You might have heard there was a bit of cold weather across the central part of the United States. You might have heard Texas didn’t cope well. Let me lay it out for you. Let me start with the size of Texas for perspective. I know I have several European friends here. I’ve been there […]

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