This Is Why We Pencil First

I know, it’s been a million years since my last post. I’ve been busy, and unwell, and rather uninteresting.

But the ladies at my church have decided to provide low cost greeting cards to our members, and they asked if I would mind painting some to add to the collection. I can only hang so many prints around my house, so I happily agreed.

Many of the designs I’m making are quick and easy, and honestly, are inspired by Pinterest. The poppies design above was originally scrapbook paper combined with stamps, but of course, I pulled out my watercolors and pens.

Some were very quick, and some I spent a little more time on. Some I used my pens to letter, some I used my brush and paints.

They’re just little notes our members can send out to let their friends know they’re thought of.

Cards can be so expensive these days, and to find nice cards with a Christian theme can sometimes be difficult when you’re trying to limit the number of places you’re going when you’re out.

But I got hasty, and as I became more confident in my handwriting again, I stopped pencilling in the words first. I still sketched lines to keep things straight, but I didn’t pencil in the words. Can you find the “typo” I made? I haven’t decided how to recover from it yet.

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