Some Day I Will Finish the …

Well, any of the things I’ve started! Haha!

I did manage to wrap up that cute little Aestas Top for my kidlet, but then she did her laundry. Silly me, I didn’t pay attention to the care instructions when I gave it to her. Just so you know, Yarn Bee’s Color Idyll yarn is hand wash only for a reason.

She now has a new dress for her bears!

I was working on a new top for my mom, still working on the temperature blanket, and another blanket for my dad, when I got sidetracked by a cardigan I saw in one of my new crochet magazines. It looked like it would be great for the new color-changing yarn by Premier yarns that I picked up. (Note: the color change is NOT as dramatic as the image shows on the website. It is very subtle, and even more so once worked up. Just plan on it being white with a -hint- of color in your piece.)

This is with the yarn exposed to sunlight.

Just in case it’s not clear in the above photo, I’m also using Cotton Hipsters in “Hello Hydrangea.” It’s a fun blue variegated yarn. The sweater is very much giving me beach vibes, and I’m glad I picked the colors for my little mermaid!

But then I got sidetracked again! My niece’s high school graduation is coming up, and I got to thinking about her. Well, actually, I got to thinking about the Dr. Who bear my mom got her as a gift, and how he could really use a scarf. As I was looking for a pattern, I stumbled across a Fantastic shawl… that was a knitted pattern. I reached out to the author to see if there was a crochet version, too, but alas, there is not. So I’m making one based on her design and keeping her in the loop. I’m pretty excited about how it’s turning out.

It’s so fabulous!

I need to get it done so I have time to block it before we leave! Why do I always have my greatest creative bursts of inspiration at the last minute with not enough time?

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