Best Mom Ever

I have several big projects going on right now, so I wanted something that would work up quick. I knew I wanted to do this Aestas Top for my daughter, and I thought it might be the something quick I was looking for.

The beginning of something beautiful

It started off a little rough. I didn’t like doing hdc in the starting chain, so I ended up undoing that and starting with a hdc foundation chain instead. I’m slow, but more confident with my tension. Since this was the top of the tank, I wanted to make sure it looked nice.

Also, I’m pretty sure I did the front short rows… on the inside instead of the outside. Oh well.

And once I got to this point in the top, I was thinking to myself, “there is no way I am doing tc2tog all the down the sides of this top!” I did do one more row, and it wasn’t as difficult the third time. But then I reminded myself this is for my eleven-year-old daughter, and it’s okay if she has a little bit of modesty here. So I did go ahead and decide to switch to dc all the way around. I might add the detail work back in at the bottom.

I tried to send a status update to my sister.

Tacocat helped.

I think the top is about half done. It is working up pretty quick. I just get bored and distracted easily. But I love this top. I need to make six more just like it! It’s so easy!

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