Slowest Mom Ever

You might remember a couple of months ago I claimed to be the Best Mom Ever. Haha!

I started the top because I wanted something quick and easy, and I wanted to make something for my kid who was feeling a bit ignored. I was making pretty good progress, too, until I was nearly done and realized I had a problem: one side was straight, and the other side seemed to be curving in a bit. I was dropping a stitch or… something. My seam wasn’t straight.

It curved in on the left side of the top!

I had a dilemma. Do I frog the whole thing back to the 2trtog and do the sides properly? Do I frog it and add and extra stitch to straighten the seam out? (Would that work?) Do I just let it go? You probably wouldn’t even notice it once it’s on. But my kid has already seen and turned her nose up at it. So it got put on a shelf, and I started two or three more projects.

Last night she came in and asked if I’d ever finished that top I started making for her. No, no I did not. So I pulled it out, and we took a look at it. She tried it on and decided she wouldn’t notice the wonky seam. So I quickly finished the last two rows. And it looks fabulous!

All done! Back to Best Mom Ever!

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