I Won’t Be Able to Move Tomorrow

In case you wanted to know what 100 bags of mulch looks like, it looks like this:

We had it delivered.

Last year I had five cubic yards of mulch dropped in my driveway, but that involved a lot of shoveling and wheelbarrow maneuvering. This year I opted for bags, even though it was more expensive.

Thirty-four minutes after it arrived, our neighborhood association spy snapped a photo of it and emailed me later to let me know that unsightly objects needed to be obscured from view. Really, Karen? I didn’t get 24 hours to put it away? I didn’t even get one hour! How long does it take you to move 100 bags of mulch?

Well, we got it done in a day. It looks pretty fabulous, if I say so myself.

We still have the “Back 9” to do, so there are still about ten bags left. But we were tired, and it was drizzling most of the day. I definitely hit my 10,000 step goal for the day!

The drizzle is helping to fill our new rain barrels, too. We had two that we received for free a couple years ago, but we’ve expanded the garden so much this year, we needed more. So we added three more. We’ve had so little rain, my barrels were completely dry. I’m grateful for every drop of moisture we get right now!

But if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go lie down now!

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