A Crisis of Yarn Choices

I finally caught my 2021 temperature blanket up to February 14, the arrival of Winter Storm Uri. And then I realized I had a problem: the low temperatures under 20 didn’t really stand out the way I hoped.

Left: Feb 12, high 33 (mist), low 30 (mist). Right: Feb 14, high 31 (mist), low 14 (grey/white variegated).

After much debate with my yarn stash and some input from random people on the internet, I decided to incorporate the cream I had set aside earlier for being too similar to the white. It will help the next two days really stand out as cold, I hope, since they will have cream centers and white outer rings.

One of my advisers looks skeptical of the new color choice.

As I started joining the pieces I had done, I finally decided I wasn’t truly happy with the gold I had picked out for the 80s temperature range. So before I joined up that one square, I went back out to another yarn store to see if they had a different color I liked better.

At Hobby Lobby, they had I Love This Yarn Print in Desert Dust. It’s about the same tone as the gold, but more brown and more muted. I think I like it a lot better.

Desert Dust on the left, Gold on the right.

So I finally finished joining all the pieces through February 14.

Next step, the two coldest days of the year since forever, and the start of the Great Texas Blackout. Maybe I should have used black as the centers.

I had some help.

I think this is her blanket now.

And, I made a map of what 2020 would have looked like so I would know if I had enough yarn. There were a surprising number of 100+F days on there (about 20). You know what’s really remarkable though? There are zero light gray highs here. None. And only four light blue ones. That means only four days had highs that dipped below 50F last year. This year, Winter Storms Uri and Viola gave us ten straight days below 50 degrees. Most of those were actually below freezing (32F). That’s not counting the two days in January with highs in the 40s or what might come in November or December. Just those ten days. And despite the storm, we’re right on target for where we should be this time of year. I’m starting to wonder if I should plan on a color for 110+F. It seems like that kind of year. Maybe I’ll just use the cream again if it happens.

What 2020 would look like with this color scheme.

To read more about this blanket, check out my first post here.

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