The storm has passed, and we are sailing into the harbor of Spring. The cold passed by so quickly, it was almost like it didn’t happen. We had a week of 30F temperatures, and then poof, we were back to normal and in the 70s agains. This week we are in the 80s. Craziness.

The garden appreciates the warmth though. Both of my apple trees are blooming.

Golden Dorset apple blossom

Bluebonnets are covering my southeast corner. We actually got some rain last night, so there are even more today than there are in this photo.

Bluebonnets and the cotoneaster are putting on a show

We finally gave the front bed a haircut this week. I tried not to cry and celebrated the new growth we found. The society garlic is doing well. The gingers all have new growth, even if they are struggling. The geranium has new growth. The gauras and penstemon are all doing well. I’m still holding out hope for the bougainvillea. I think the lime tree and bulbines are gone, though. I have a crepe myrtle yearling in the back yard I can move to the blue pot to replace the lime tree. We’re not sure what to do about the three large bushes between the gingers and gaura.

It all looks so sad, but there is so much hope here!

And finally, this morning, I found one of my little garden friends survived the cold. I haven’t seen my anoles yet, but this little toad is still here. My organic pest control is still thriving.

Organic pest control

My yard has been teeming with bird life, too. This morning I saw lesser gold finches, northern mockingbirds, and eastern phoebes. I heard grackles, so I’m sure they were out there, too. I have a plethora of LBBs (little brown birds) that never sit still long enough for me to get a good ID. Some are several species of sparrow, and I think I have a few warblers. I should be seeing the hummingbirds any time now according to the gardening groups I’m in.

Spring is my favorite time of year, and I’m so glad we are finally in recovery.

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