It’s Planting Time!

The nights are still a little cool, but the days have been so warm. My bluebonnets are just thriving!

The rest of the front garden is slowly coming back to life. I have yet to see any signs from my bougainvillea, but I haven’t lost hope yet.

However, the last few days I spent time in the back yard. I tore out my freeze-dried peas and pulled dozens of weeds. I trimmed back the dead peppers. I was going to trim the dead rosemary branches, but I was surprised to see new leaves sprouting from the branches. So I brushed off the frost-burned leaves and made room for the new growth.

The best surprise was the new growth on my pomegranate. It’s all at the bottom, but I am starting to see tiny signs of life at the tips of some of the branches. Maybe soon I’ll have some new growth for the hummingbirds.

New growth on the pomegranate. Usually I trim this base growth off now that it’s in the ground, but I might give it a pass this year.

Today I got in my tomatoes, peppers, and tomatillos. Most of my tomatoes are going to go in fabric pots, but I planted the two Bellstar slicing tomatoes in bed 2. I’ll get some basil to go behind them when I can find some that look good. The two orange bell peppers went in the bed with the garlic and green onions. I’ll put another holy basil in the back corner if one doesn’t self seed from last year’s amazing plant. The last two beds in this corner will be marigolds and muskmelon, but I need to wait another month to plant those.

On the east side, I put the tomatillos. I hadn’t cleaned this bed out yet, so lots of weeding and clearing. Mom’s bat-face cupheas were amazing last year, but died quite suddenly shortly after they started seeding. I was hoping they would come back, but they never did. My dog managed to dig one out for me earlier this year, so I cut the other two out. I pulled the remaining peas, but left the carrots that I planted back in October that are finally making an appearance.

Then in went my four green tomas and one purple toma. hopefully I actually get fruit this year. If not, I give up. They did so well at my other house, but I didn’t really know what to do with them except eat them fresh and make the occasional salsa. Now I actually have an amazing salsa recipe and I want a bazillion tomatillos, and I can’t grow one. It’s ridiculous.

And just for closure, here are other views of my back garden at this time of year. It’s always fun to look back and see how it’s changed over the next few months.

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