Heart Hands

Last year, Let's Make Art asked for user submissions for outlines for their subscription boxes. They narrowed it down to a few, and fans selected the winner. I think that's how it went. In any case, the outline for the Heart Hands tutorial was the user submission. It was one of the most challenging tutorials [...]

Of Frogs and Faith

Growing up, Ruth was always one of my favorite books of the Bible. I think I always thought of her as a real-life Cinderella story. It was a shining example of loyalty, fidelity, true love, coming up from nothing into a loving relationship that eventually became part of the lineage of Jesus. Boaz picked her, [...]

Flood and Fire

Our little corner of Texas is prone to all the things. Flood? We have that, twice a year, Spring and Fall. Fire? We get that, too, although not nearly to the extent other areas of the country do. There was a big fire here the Summer before we moved down, so I can see the [...]

From Pigs to Portraits

In my last watercolor post, I mentioned that I had subscribed to a box from Let's Make Art, a small business just getting started in Hamilton, Missouri. In the September 2018 box, a project called "Piggy Pig" was included. It was super cute, and a lot of people (myself included) immediately made the jump to [...]

Introduction to Watercolor

Once upon a time, I clicked on an ad on Facebook... A company was advertising a watercolor subscription box. They sent you the materials for four watercolor projects each month (minus the brush and pan), and you could either watch along with their pre-recorded videos when they were released, or wait a few more days [...]