Blossoming Apple Branch in a Jar

If you were to name Vincent Van Gogh’s top five most famous paintings, arguably Almond Blossom would be in the list. Maybe slightly less well known is his Blossoming Almond Branch in a Glass. It’s one of my personal favorites, though. It’s different from his other paintings in a few ways: the bold red line across the back, his signature in the top left corner in the same bold red instead of subtly included in the side of the glass or in the yellow of the table top or blue of the wall.

So when Let’s Make Art came out with their Tulip Jar kit about the same time my brand new apple trees were blooming, I immediately personalized my painting to Blossoming Apple Branch in a Jar!

Blossoming Apple Branch in a Jar

My apple trees are budding again. They should be in bloom next month. Tomorrow I get my very own almond trees! I’m so excited! I hope they do as well as the apples have. Look for a gardening post about those coming soon!

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