Ivy League Top

I spend too much time on Pinterest. This is just my crochet board. I know I’ll never get to all the things I have pinned, but I have a lot of ideas for the Next Thing.

One thing I am currently working on, though, is this top. Now, I don’t speak or read Russian, so I had to learn to read pattern diagrams. I picked it up pretty quickly. The next thing I had to figure out was how to make that pattern repeat enough to make my size. One pattern repeat was about 3.5″ in the yarn I chose (Rainbow Wrapsody in Ivy League) with a 3.125 mm size D hook. I decided I needed the top to be about 23″ FW, so 7 repeats worked perfectly for me. I worked out I needed my starting chain to be 146 chains, but I ended up with extra chains, so either I miscounted my chains, or I miscounted how many I would need. I decided having too many was better than not having enough.

A little bit of math, and the first few rows came out just fine!

I just love the gradient of this yarn. It blends so gradually! I cannot tell you how excited I am to finish this top. I decided to make the back panel first so that I would ensure the gradient is in the right place on the front. Conveniently, it needs to be about as long as the towel I’ve been laying it out on.

I find myself with a small dilemma, though. I have no problem seaming the sides and finishing the edges. I think I even have a plan for adding small cap sleeves, which aren’t in the original image. But it occurred to me yesterday after a friend at church asked me to send her the pattern and I was jotting down my notes and thoughts on it, I’m not really sure how to join the shoulders. They are not going to have a straight edge like the side edges do – they’re going to be ruffled, or pointy. I’m going to have to “level” them out. I think in the Row 3 repeat, I can take the two center DC clusters and make them SC stitches instead. I may have to play with it a bit when I get there. I still have a few rows to go.

Current status. Also, Doggo got ahold of the ball of yarn last week, so that was fun.

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