From Pigs to Portraits

In my last watercolor post, I mentioned that I had subscribed to a box from Let’s Make Art, a small business just getting started in Hamilton, Missouri. In the September 2018 box, a project called “Piggy Pig” was included. It was super cute, and a lot of people (myself included) immediately made the jump to the much-loved book Charlotte’s Web by E. B. White. Many of us personalized it with our own webby decorations!

My piggy pig is Terrific! (haha!)

Here’s where my thought process gets a little weird, though. I look at my finished painting and think to myself, “That is producing some really great skin tones. And Sarah is doing a great job explaining shading and highlights…. I bet I could do a person!” And so I did.

My finished portrait isn’t terrible for a first effort, really.

So it turns out, the skin tones and shading aren’t that bad, but the hair, mouth, shirt could all use some work. (Even the eyes if I’m being honest, but considering it was a first effort, I think the eyes actually look pretty good considering all the other issues.) I still haven’t tried a portrait again.

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