A Friendly Blanket

I was done after the Hat Project. That was what I told everyone. I was just going to push through to the end of October, and then life would go back to normal.

And then I noticed this Wildlife Afghans book had a deer pattern, and I immediately thought of a good friend of ours who enjoys hunting and sometimes has us clean out his freezer for him so he can go hunt again. Yummy meat for us, empty freezer space for him so he can do something he enjoys. I didn’t pick up the book right away, but it put a bug in the back of my mind. I talked it over with my husband, and he thought it was a great idea, too.

I went back to the store to get the book and the yarn… and they were out of stock on the book. Of course they were. I got the yarn I thought I needed, and looked online for the book. Apparently everyone wanted it, because it was out of stock everywhere. (It seems to be back now, though. I should it get it while I’m thinking about it!)

So I looked for a new deer pattern, and learned about C2C crochet because it pulled up this tutorial from Make and Do Crew. I wasn’t crazy about that particular pattern, though. I realized it seemed an awful lot like counted cross stitch patterns, and I decided I would just find a deer pattern there. Did I ever! Hah! The silhouette I picked out, even scaled down, would have ended up being something like a King-size blanket and at least 40 skeins of just the white yarn. I needed a new plan. I needed a new plan that used the 18 skeins of yarn I had already bought.

My husband is brilliant. Our friends helps run a training and fitness company, and I could design a pattern with the company’s logo. He would love that! I immediately sat down and worked on the design. My goal was to have the blanket done by Christmas. It was done before the end of November. And our friend loved it.

Now that I’ve been crocheting for a few months, I can see things I could have done better. But for my first blanket ever, and with all the love I poured into it, we all think it’s pretty great.

C2C throw of our friend’s company logo

I did the star as an applique. I just couldn’t figure out how make a good “blocky” star here. The yarn is 98% acrylic/2% polyester, so I don’t think blocking it really did anything, but for the sake of the star, I tried. I threw the whole blanket and star in the wash with a light spin cycle, then pinned it to the floor (no dryer). Once it had dried some overnight, I ran over it with a hot iron, and then stitched the star on. This photo was taken after blocking, but before stitching.

If you’re interested in which yarn I used, it was Lion Brand Homespun Yarn in the colors Shaker (brown), Edwardian (black), and Pearls (white/cream). The Pearls was my absolute favorite: the subtle variegation turned out fabulous for the skull and worked out so well for this project. Shaker has a variegation, too, but it’s even more subtle. It really blends in, and you have to be paying attention to notice it. I think I was half way through the blanket before I even caught it.

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