A Great Mindset on Epilepsy

Very brief history of my life: I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was six or so. My parents raised me well and never let it hold me back. I’ve probably pushed those limits more than I should sometimes, but my family still loves me, my husband is still with me, and I know God still cares for me.

Every now and then, I come across a great news story that is just worth sharing and gives me hope that other people out there share the same outlook I do. This morning I was reading about a young race car driver named Matt Tifft. Apparently, he had a seizure while at the speedway in October 2019, and he was diagnosed with epilepsy the following January. He’s still not allowed to drive because his seizures aren’t under control yet.

Reading through the article, there were many things he said I could relate to. I don’t have auras like he does (yep, I’m a little envious – also, who licks D batteries?), but not knowing the source of the seizures is something we have in common. The depression and anxiety that you sometimes have I totally understand. We are still normal functioning people. I wish more people understood that, in both the healthy world and epilepsy world, and that he grasps it so quickly after his diagnosis is wonderful.

My favorite part, though, is the last paragraph where he talks about his mindset. He says, “Let me enjoy today because it may happen again….I feel I’m getting to appreciate things I couldn’t do before.” I don’t know Mr. Tifft, or if he is a believer, but I love that he has this mindset. Every morning, I thank the Lord that he has given me another beautiful day to enjoy on this planet and with my family and friends. What do I get to do to show that appreciation? Carpe diem.

This is the article I read about Matt Tifft and his epilepsy diagnosis. If you enjoy racing, there are some other notes there as well.

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