Lighthouse Afghan

I seem to be a bit unfocused when it comes to my crochet. I have several projects going at once. It seems this is a common problem among yarners, especially if they are big projects. One of the big projects I have in my bucket is this beautiful Lighthouse Afghan that I purchased from Annie's [...]

Unconditional Love

Twenty five or thirty years ago, one of our aunts attempted to teach my sister and me how to crochet. My sister managed to stay with it, but I lost interest. I don't know why. I liked to read, and cross stitch, and I was active in a bunch of different things at school. I [...]

Ivy League Top

I spend too much time on Pinterest. This is just my crochet board. I know I'll never get to all the things I have pinned, but I have a lot of ideas for the Next Thing. One thing I am currently working on, though, is this top. Now, I don't speak or read Russian, so [...]

A Friendly Blanket

I was done after the Hat Project. That was what I told everyone. I was just going to push through to the end of October, and then life would go back to normal. And then I noticed this Wildlife Afghans book had a deer pattern, and I immediately thought of a good friend of ours [...]

A Little Blanket Edging

While I was working on the Hat Project, the ladies group at my church decided to work on its own project: prayer blankets to offer to members and friends of our congregation who might need a pick-me-up or reminder that there are people out there who care for them and are thinking about and praying [...]

The Hat Project

So you need some hats... I work with an American Heritage Girls troop, which I love. One of the girls in my troop started a service project in October 2020 to collect handmade hats to be distributed through one of our local soup kitchens, which serves about 2000 people in an average month. She was [...]