The Hat Project

So you need some hats…

I work with an American Heritage Girls troop, which I love. One of the girls in my troop started a service project in October 2020 to collect handmade hats to be distributed through one of our local soup kitchens, which serves about 2000 people in an average month. She was very specific that they had to be handmade. We couldn’t go out and buy inexpensive hats to donate to her project.

Now, one of our aunts taught us to crochet back when I was my daughter’s age, but while my sister always kept up with it (and has tendinitis because of it), I learned to chain and then promptly dropped it. I thought, hey, I can learn enough to make one hat, though. And maybe I can encourage my daughter to break out of her mile-long chain-making and learn a different stitch.

My first successful hat. This took a few attempts. It’s also very tiny.

It took a few tries, but I finally made a successful hat! And it didn’t take the whole month! It was much smaller than I anticipated, though, considering how much yarn and how many stitches it took. I was really surprised. So I tried again. And suddenly I had four hats. And a lot more yarn. But this wasn’t going to be a regular thing. I was just doing this hat project.

The green hat ended up being my most favorite hat. It’s so squishy!

I learned a lot about yarn with this project. Some yarns just don’t make good hats. Now I know. I learned a lot about different types of decorative stitches, too. Also, I forgot my dog’s favorite toys are the wool toys we buy her.

The dog helped.

She “helped.” After a few more hats, I felt confident enough to fix it. I ended up with 12 or 13 hats total to donate to the project. It was a lot of fun.

And then I bought more yarn….

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