Temperature Blanket April Update!

Okay, I’m a week late. I really fell off the wagon in April and had to scramble to make about 25 squares. Oops.

29 April squares and four May squares

Then once I had them made, I sat on them for a few more days before I finally pieced them together. Hmm.

It’s not like it’s hard. And I love looking at it!

We finally had our first 90F day in May while they were waiting to be pieced together, and that was actually the motivation I needed to get going on it again. I really wanted to see what the taupe looked like worked up!

There is May 3 with a high of 91 and a low of 69!

So April is all pieced together, and now May is waiting for me to catch up again.

January 1 – April 30, 2021.

We’ve only had the one 90F day so far, but the weather app keeps teasing me with more. I’ve even seen 100 pop up there as a future temp a couple of times, but I’ll believe it when I see it in the blanket!

Happy yarning, friends!

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