Garden Devastation

We reached 74F yesterday. I started pulling covers off my plants after this week’s winter storm. I might have cried a little.

Sally Anne did not do a very good job of protecting my gingers. She must have been hiding under them.

The bougainvillea I so lovingly kept green all winter has succumbed to the bitter cold. I think it will survive, though. Time will tell.

It used to be green.

The society garlic is no longer social.

It’s a soggy mess.

But there is hope! The bluebonnets, which I did not cover, are bouncing back nicely. I think I even spy a few poppies in there!

Yay, bluebonnets! Go, go, go!

The back garden is a disaster. I did not expect to lose my herbs.

Whoops. The thyme survived. I might have to replace everything else.

My little early apple buds are frost bitten.

Oh, my poor Golden Dorset apple tree.

But, I had pulled the new almond trees to the garage. They went without light, water, or heat for a week, but they weren’t subjected to the bitter extremes the other plants were. They didn’t seem to mind. When I pulled them out to the sunlight this morning, I was greeted with new buds.

Yay! Almond leaves!

Gardening is a process. It has its highs and lows. This week was a low. But spring will come. I have a lot of work to do to clean up. But in a few weeks, it will be beautiful again. You’ll see!

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