False Spring

The last week or so has been the typical January roller coaster for our area. Do we have the AC on or the heat on? It’s 75-80F during the afternoon, but falls to 40F at night. And it’s been so dry, my rain barrels are nearly empty again.

But my plants think it’s Spring time. The carrots I planted in the Fall but never sprouted are suddenly making an appearance. The peas I lovingly protected the last few freezes are six feet tall and producing like crazy. They’re also overcrowded and half dead from powdery mildew, so it’s a mixed bag of emotions.

Crazy peas all over

The Carolina Jessamine is blooming in places I thought were dead. (I hit it with the weed whacker last year, and some of the vines turned a pretty shade of red. And now those vines are blooming.)

Carolina Jessamine

The bougainvillea out front has a million new leaves, the geranium we thought was dead has come back to life, and the bluebonnets have taken over the front yard. One has even sent out a hesitant bloom!

First bluebonnet of the season

And yet… the entire country is keeping an eye on this polar vortex. I know, I should count my blessings that we don’t get the snow and ice that up north does. I did move south for a reason. But when we get these little signs of hope for Spring, and then get these mad rush freezes, I sigh a little as I have to cover and protect my sensitive plants from the cold again. Time to remind myself Winter isn’t really over yet. We still have another month. And I need to pull the new almond trees inside to the garage for the weekend.

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