Spiced Almond Trees!

Pro-tip: if you don't buy your cooking spices in bulk, you should. It is so much less expensive that way. I just filled my nearly empty bottle of parsley for twelve cents. Twelve cents! Actually, less than that because Central Market is having a sale on their bulk spices - everything is 25% off right [...]

A Little Snow

I'm originally from Up North. I had two black thumbs and couldn't grow anything (except mint, which you can't kill, much to the chagrin of my HOA, who couldn't believe I planted it on purpose). Learning to garden in Texas is a whole other ball game. I don't know what possessed me to try it, [...]

Welcome to my Garden

So this probably isn't the best time... January isn't really the peak gardening season anywhere, even in south-central Texas. So my photos are pretty gross. However, we do have a couple of things going on right now, and the next couple of months are going to be filled with prep-prep-prep. I cannot wait for Spring! [...]