A Little Snow

I’m originally from Up North. I had two black thumbs and couldn’t grow anything (except mint, which you can’t kill, much to the chagrin of my HOA, who couldn’t believe I planted it on purpose). Learning to garden in Texas is a whole other ball game. I don’t know what possessed me to try it, but I did, and I have been moderately successful. I almost garden by accident here.

Whenever we get a hint of snow, people get really excited. It’s fun. My daughter, who was a baby when we moved here, is one of those people.

icy snowman

She built a tiny, icy snowman out of the graupel we had at first. His name is Ted.

When we actually started getting real, fluffy snowflakes, she was over it and didn’t care any more. The dog had a blast and kept trying to eat it as it was falling, though.

I love the two growing seasons we have in our part of Texas. It’s still a little weird to plant tomato seedlings in March and again in September. Same with potatoes. The scorpion peppers I grew for my husband last year gave us four or five harvests once they really got going. So Many Peppers! 

So here I am, in the chilly 40 degree temps, ordering my next set of fruit trees, planning my Spring garden. (Do I want to try onions this year? I really need to go get potatoes before the local garden shops run out. What am I going to do with that sweet potato bed that’s been taken over by fire ants? Carrots haven’t done especially well for me at this house, do I really want to try again? What am I going to do with all those grow bags I ordered? Definitely potatoes and onions then. Or more tomatoes.)

And in the mean time, I can enjoy the fleeting snow, and pray the cold hasn’t killed my frost-intolerant plants. 

Snow and ice on society garlic
Snow and Ice on Society Garlic

2 thoughts on “A Little Snow

  1. Hope that snow and ice melt soon, or that society garlic will be waving good-bye! Mine is in a pot in the basement, as it always is since the first time I left it outdoors years ago it turned to mush and rotted. Its replacement has gotten better care and is now 9 years old.


    1. Hi! This was snow from a few weeks ago! It melted in a few hours like it’s supposed to. We are actually experiencing an unprecedented winter storm right now. Pretty sure I’ve lost everything in my garden at this point except maybe the almond trees that I pulled to the garage, and it might even be too cold for them. When I have my power back (going on day 4 now), I’ll post an update! So far we’re still laughing about the chaos of it all.


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